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Banner stands advertise products, services or upcoming events! is committed to providing a wide variety of high quality banner stands, portable stands and retractable flag systems. Banner stands offer a great way to advertise your products, services or upcoming events. Sold with bright, colorful custom graphics, banner stands can help draw attention in almost any environment. Designed to meet a variety of needs, we sell exhibition stands that are perfect for trade shows, expositions, malls, lobbies or restaurants. Outdoor banner stands are great for marketing products or sponsors at sporting events or for stands outside of your business. Retractable display stands are especially suitable for trade shows because they are portable, easy to setup. Non-retractable stands often cost less than other models, while Expand Media banner systems are the highest in quality that you can buy. Whatever price range or application you are looking for, we are sure to have a product that meets your needs. Start shopping today!

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retractable banner stands

Retractable banner stands are ideal for trade shows, retail environments, or anywhere else you want to use graphics. With a portable design and pre-installed banner, easily take these stands wherever you go! Each banner stand features a roll up mechanism, custom printed graphics and a carrying bag for transportation.

outdoor banner stands

Outdoor banner stands offer a great way to advertise products at sporting events, fairs, or just as stands outside of your office. These banner stands are durably built to withstand windy weather. We sell outdoor banner stands with custom printed graphics and a portable carrying bag. These outdoor stands work equally great indoors as well as out.

best quality stands

Expand banner stands are made from the highest quality materials and feature unique Swedish designs. We offer several stands that are designed to meet a variety of marketing, presentation and promotional needs. We sell indoor, outdoor, as well as extra-large banner stands. All Expand Media stands are portable and come with a full lifetime guarantee.

non-retractable stands

Non-retracting banner stands are lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to setup. Sold in a variety of styles, these banner stands offer a great way to display graphics at a lower cost. Unlike retractable banner stands, these displays do not store banners inside the base. Each display comes with custom graphics printed from supplied artwork.


These advertising flags have a flying effect that will maximize exposure and increase the impact of your message. Advertising flags work well to promote your business both indoors and out. We sell a variety of flags in several shapes and sizes. Each advertising flag comes with the option of a 1, 2, 3 or full color design printed from supplied artwork.

 trade show backdropProduct Spotlight : Trade Show Backdrop with Custom Printing

May 11, 2012

This trade show backdrop allows users to add large-size graphics & artwork to the back of a presentation. The 87.5-inch-wide banner is therefore ideally meant for use during an exhibition or a tradeshow event. The trade show backdrop offers 2 different ways to set up. The top of the banner has a sleeve through which a pole can be threaded. The pole pocket measures 3.5 inches and works similarly to a curtain or an awning. The other option is to attach the graphic to an existing pipe-and-drape display using the included hanging hooks. We provide the trade show backdrop with 12 hanging hooks.

The trade show backdrop is made from heavy poplin fabric and is printed using dye sublimation technology. To create your artwork simply following the banner guidelines and design an exhibit. Submit the file to our artwork department to have it printed for you! We will make sure the designs fit perfectly, working with you to create attractive presentations. Please note that there is a 5-day lead time required for banner creation. We ask that this time is taken into consideration when planning for an upcoming event. The entire banner measures 87.25 inches wide by 90 inches tall. Included with your purchase is a briefcase to store the graphics and all of the hooks and accessories required for setup. All you will need to provide is your own pipe-and-drape setup or a stand and siderails system.

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 Street pole bannerProduct Spotlight : Street Pole Banner Brackets for 18"w Flag

April 27, 2012 is a leading provider of banner stands, flags & custom-printed graphics. This week, we'd like to highlight one of our more unique products available through our website: the street pole banner. This particular display has all of the necessary components to hang a vertical banner on a telephone pole. All you have to provide is your own flag! Included in your purchase are the following: four gear bandings, two 20.5-inch-long poles and two brackets. The bracket set is designed for attachment to round poles, including light posts and street poles. Typically, these banner brackets are found in car parking lots or in downtown streets. The street pole banners are also frequently found indoors, such as throughout shopping malls and convention centers!

Setting up a street pole banner is relatively easy. First, determine the height and positioning desired. Now you can attach the top banner bracket to the street pole using the provided gear bandings. The bottom bracket should then be loosely attached to the pole so that it still can be moved slightly. Slide your banner flag over top of the poles and slide the bottom bracket down to pull it taut. Secure the bracket in place and use thread the zip ties through the grommets of the banner flag.

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